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Responsible Gaming

We are committed to upholding Responsible Gaming values and encourage the proper use of entertainment products.

ZITRO favors a culture of responsible gaming in order to promote player confidence. We believe that a respectful environment prepares players for proper game usage.

Therefore, ZITRO invites all players who make use of its products to observe a few simple rules of behavior when playing. In short, this ensures game-play remain as pleasurable as possible:

Zitro Games - Responsible Gaming
  • First, do not borrow money in order to play.
  • Second, make sure to define a budget for your gaming which is compatible with your financial resources. Commit to this limit, do not exceed for any reason.
  • Third, enjoy your gaming in your free time only. Do not increase the frequency with which you play.
  • Last but not least, do not play to “recover your losses”.

To summarise, please enjoy responsibly.