Zitro’s success at the G2E is yet more evidence of the excellent progress made in the transformation process that the company set in motion some months ago with the objective of making Zitro a worldwide leader in the gaming industry.

“At G2E Las Vegas we presented the significant progress made in recent months in terms of products and services in the on-site gaming, online bingo and social gaming sectors,” said Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro.

Johnny Ortiz, Chairman of Zitro, declared his satisfaction with the advances made in the new route set by Zitro, commenting that: “G2E is an unmissable event for Zitro. It’s a meeting point for all our friends and customers, and in general with all the casino and bingo operators at an international level. At G2E we wanted to confirm our firm commitment to being the world leader in video bingo, and, as we said, competing and growing in other segments of the gaming market using innovation, differentiation and excellence as our watchwords.”

A tremendous sensation was caused at G2E with the new bingo games on the Blackwave platform, in particular the products that combine bingo gaming with traditional casino games, like Royal Craps or Royal Roulette, which provide the player with levels of entertainment and excitement never before seen in a video bingo machine.

More than 60 casinos subscribed to the Zitro Partnership Program (ZPP) at the event. ZPP combines the promotions systems that go together under the name of Big Time: expert advice in the design, programming and management of the promotions, along with advertising at the point of sale and using electronic media. Big Time includes four different systems called Big Hour, Crazy Jerrypot, Mega Air Cash and Super Botin, which work in such a way that players receive a large number of prizes at a specific time and date, set by the operator, creating unique and exciting moments in gaming halls. The increment of coin in from Zitro machines in casinos that have signed up with the ZPP is absolutely spectacular.

At G2E Zitro presented its lotto machines, Lotto Touch and Majestic, which have an extremely simple gaming mechanic and prize structure taken from the lottery system, along with its bingo hall systems and the Advanced Bingo System (ABS) network bingo. ABS is a revolutionary on-site bingo operating and management system that is set to change the landscape of bingo halls and greatly increase the entertainment content of a game that is widely popular in many countries, such as Spain.

Finally, Zitro Interactive also made its mark at G2E, after the recent concession by the MGA of the license in Malta. Although Zitro’s games can already be played at its World of Bingo social casino and by betting at many online casinos, G2E was an opportunity to highlight the fact that there is a great demand on the market for Zitro video bingo games. Thanks to Zitro Interactive’s capacity to offer fast and safe integrations with different aggregation platforms in the market, the company expects to announce its plans to give further shape to the agreements made at the G2E with a number of online casinos.

In response to the results obtained at G2E, Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro, declared that “We would like to thank our customers and all the operators that visited us at our stand at G2E. We’d like to thank them for their words of encouragement, as well as for the all the compliments they gave us for our work. Such praise and encouragement only confirms that Zitro is on the right track towards the vision expressed by our Chairman, to become a world leader in the gaming industry. We’d also like to thank each and every member of our organisation for their efforts, dedication and commitment to making G2E 2016 a resounding success for Zitro.”