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Multigame LAP

with SynchroScreens

This cabinet is a star! The Multigame Lap LAP with SynchroScreens brings synchronization to the casino floor. Not only will its sleek design blow you away, so will its outstanding overhead graphics. Watch as images swirl and come to life before your eyes. The future is here!

Multigame LAP

with Panoramic Sign

Feel the love for the fantastic graphics, because that is exactly what Zitro offers thanks to the stunning panoramic display. Millions of players around the world should brace themselves for eye-catching visuals and exciting gaming experiences. Zitro’s video slots are a proven winner for both players and casinos alike, entertaining while maintaining outstanding results.

Video Slot - Multigame Panoramic - Link King
Video Slot - Multigame Panoramic - Link Me

Multigame LAP

Already entertaining players globally, Zitro is the world’s best at creating dynamic, fruitful and thrilling Multigame Local Area Progressive video slot banks. We offer a wide range of games that aim to entertain even the most diverse player profiles. The standout title in our collection which is really sparkling on every casino floor it graces is the spectacular Blazing Pearls.

Video Slot - Multigame LAP - Blazing Pearls
Video Slot - Multigame LAP - Guns & Gold Showdown

Multigame Standalone

These multi-game fixtures ensure that players have a wide range of experiences available. The Multigame Standalone promises diverse gameplay, which makes it difficult for players to ever get bored. Fun means, more enjoyable game time! Our designers created a product that makes time fly!

Hot Deal
Video Slot - Multigame Standalone - Pick & Win
Video Slot - Multigame Standalone - Smart Spins