Punto Zero gaming halls are in for a treat with the arrival of the new Fu Frog game. Since its launch in Spain, this innovative “frog game” has become popular in the country, winning over players with its unique and engaging gameplay.

Fu Frog offers a fun and exciting visual experience, setting itself apart from other games with its three little frogs that progressively inflate. Players can win up to 7 different bonuses, with a high frequency of prizes. The game’s intensity increases as the frogs grow, capturing the player’s attention until they achieve the coveted bonuses.

“Our customers love this game’s unique mechanics,” says Alain Padrón, general manager of Punto Zero. “They’re telling us it’s spectacular and has become their new favorite.”

Pedro Freites, regional sales manager for Zitro, adds, “Fu Frog is unlike anything else on the market in Spain right now. Since it hit the scene months ago, there’s been a frenzy for these little frogs.”