88 Link Wild Duels

Multigame 4-level Progressive Link, 3×5 Games, 243 Ways

Our 88 Link Wild Duels slot games are the fiercest on the market. This impressive game offers the combination of multiway mechanics with an exciting Link Bonus. Relive your Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat days with these epic slot games. ‘LINKUP’ ensures your prizes are better and bigger than ever as you fight to see who will reign surpreme! Don’t forget to keep your eye on the glowing energy ball, it’s charge will help you get your bonus!

  • 4-Levels of Jackpots.
  • Progressive Prizes plus Major and Mini,
  • Play your luck at a Jackpot every time you enter a Bonus Round.
  • ‘Link Up’ feature.
  • Multiway game mechanics.
  • Optional digital button panel ‘SMARTDECK’

Available on:

Allure Glare - Cabinet Zitro Games
Allure One Cabinet - Zitro Games
Illusion Grare - Zitro Games

Launched with 4 games:

88 Link Wild Duels - Dark monkey vs Warrior Zitro Games
88 Link Wild Duels - Lion vs Shaolin Monk Zitro Games
88 Link Wild Duels - Panday vs Master Wu Zitro Games
88 Link Wild Duels - Tiger vs Lady Blade Zitro Games

Themed Features:

Club´s Free Games
Extended Wild Multipliers