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Energy Link

Multigame 4-level Progressive Link, 3×5 Games

Embark on an electrifying adventure with Energy Link.This slot game introduces players to four captivating themes, each highlighting the popular Link Up feature with up to 4 different bonus Links! Activated by 6 or more Link symbols, each bonus provides a unique gameplay experience, bringing diverse and dynamic mechanics to the casino floor.

The most electrifying Bonus Links await you in Energy Link!

  • Bonus Link with extra symbols: Clone, Volt and CloneVolt.
  • Popular Link Up feature.
  • Themed features: Free Games, 2 Extended Wild, and Multipliers.
  • Mini, Minor, Super, and Mega progressive jackpots.

Available on:

Allure Glare - Cabinet Zitro Games
Fusion Grare - Zitro Games

Launched with 4 games:

Atlantis - Energy Link Video Slots
Kungfy Fighting - Energy Link Video Slots
Medieval - Energy Link Video Slots
The Brightness City - Energy Link Video Slots

Themed Features:

2 Extended Wild