Megashare Slots Zitrogames


With MEGASHARE LOUNGE, WE ALL WIN! The Megashare Lounge’s progressive jackpot functionality allows all players to win a portion of the accrued jackpot amount when the jackpot is hit by one player, sharing the prize and the excitement of a truly communal winning experience. Don’t miss out and create your own Megashare Lounge with a wide variety of games and cabinets available!

  • Launched with 7 Multigames featured on 3 different Form-factors.
  • The Megashare Lounge consists in a shared progressive jackpot where all player win when any hits the MEGA.
  • The Megashare jackpot will be distributed proportionally based on bet played.
  • No additional bet required.

Available on:

Fusion Grare - Zitro Games
Illusion Grare - Zitro Games
Allure Glare - Cabinet Zitro Games
Fusion One
Illusion One Cabinet - Zitro Games
Allure One Cabinet - Zitro Games

Launched with 7 multigames:

Link Me 2
Mega Share
Mega Share
Mega Share
Zitro Games - Link King 2
Zitro Games - LinK King 3
Zitro Games - Link King 4