The Jubelmar Group, a pioneer in incorporating Zitro’s Mega y Más system into its gaming halls in Castilla La Mancha, has now installed this revolutionary system in its Tomelloso venue in Ciudad Real. As known, Mega y Más enables the interconnection of all Zitro games and cabinets within the same hall, facilitating the distribution of prizes. When a player secures the Mega prize, the Mega y Más jackpot is shared among others playing at that moment, all without the need for an additional bet—an aspect that continues to captivate and thrill players.

Furthermore, the Jubelmar Hall in Tomelloso has recently introduced Zitro’s Mighty Hammer multigame on the Allure Glare cabinet and Seven Chests on Altius Glare, both seamlessly connected to the Mega y Más system. This addition has created an exciting new entertainment experience for our customers.

According to representatives of the Group, “After learning about the Mega y Más system, we were eager to bring it to our Tomelloso venue. It’s been a game-changer, providing players with unique gaming experiences they haven’t had before”.

Ángel de Benito, the regional sales manager at Zitro, expressed gratitude once again to the Jubelmar Group for their trust in Mega y Más. He stated, “With these new games, we are confident that Tomelloso will see yet another success story for Mega y Más”.