The Locomatic group has introduced Zitro’s new progressive gaming system called MEGA y MÁS, to their salons in Castilla La Mancha. This new system allows all players to win. With MEGA Y MÁS, it’s possible to link multiple Zitro games and cabinets in the gaming hall and distribute prizes accordingly. When a player wins the MEGA jackpot, the additional MEGA Y MÁSjackpot will be distributed among other players who are currently playing, without the need for an additional bet.

Locomatic has expanded its gaming selection by introducing Zitro’s new Mighty Hammer multi-game on the Allure Glare cabinet, which can be seamlessly integrated with Zitro’s other offerings. This incredible multi-game provides players with three levels of excitement and multiple possibilities, each linked to a different bonus link, resulting in a truly unique gaming experience.

According to the representatives at Locomatic, “the addition of MEGA Y MÁS has created an exceptional atmosphere in our gaming hall. The new Mighty Hammer multi-game has been a huge hit with players, thanks to its innovative Bonus Link game mechanics”:

“We express our gratitude to the Locomatic Group for placing their trust in our new products,” said Zitro’s regional sales manager, Ángel de Benito. “We are confident that these products will achieve great success.”