The Trébol Group has recently introduced an extensive range of Zitro products in its Murcia salons. These include the latest MEGA y MÁS system, as well as exciting new games such as Mighty Hammer, Mega King, and Seven Chests.

The MEGA y MÁS system offers an exciting feature where if a player wins the MEGA jackpot without an additional bet, the remaining players actively playing at that time will share the additional and independent MEGA y MÁS jackpot. Alongside this innovative system, the Trébol Group has integrated the Seven Chests multi-game on the premium Altius Glare cabinet and Mighty Hammer on the Allure Glare cabinet, enhancing the existing lineup of Zitro games already enjoyed in their establishments. Furthermore, the Mega King multi-game, with its appealing features such as scalable progressives that increase the jackpot with higher bets, and the “ENERGY BOOST” function, which boosts the frequency of prizes and grants access to the bonus, has been included in their offerings by this esteemed business group.

As stated by the Trébol Group, “with the addition of Zitro’s MEGA y MÁS system we offer an exceptional experience in all our gaming halls, in which new game titles are added ensuring a perfect gaming experience”.

On the other hand, Oscar Nieto, Zitro’s regional sales manager, added, “we appreciate the Trébol Group’s trust as they are among the first to always bet on Zitro’s new products. We are confident that their customers will enjoy the new MEGA y MÁS system as well as our new multi-games”.