Tiki Taka Games has introduced the new MEGA y MÁS system across its extensive network of salons. Provided by Zitro for Tiki Taka Games, this revolutionary system brings an exciting new feature for players. When a player wins the MEGA, the additional and independent MEGA y MÁS prize will be distributed among the rest of the players who are actively playing at that moment.

Complementing the MEGA y MÁS system, Tiki Taka Games has introduced two new games: Seven Chests on the premium Altius Glare cabinet and Mighty Hammer on Allure Glare. These additions expand the already diverse selection of Zitro games that were previously enjoyed in the salons.

According to Jesús de la Ossa, CEO of Tiki Taka Games, “We were greatly eager to provide our customers with the MEGA y MÁS system, as we had heard very positive feedback. The performance in our salons has exceeded our expectations, and combined with the new games, it creates an incredibly rewarding gaming experience.”

Óscar Nieto, regional sales manager at Zitro, expresses his gratitude to this outstanding group: “Tiki Taka Games is an exceptional partner for Zitro, they have shown their trust in us for some time. We want to once again express our gratitude for betting on our products, and we are confident that they will continue to give outstanding results.”