The most innovative product line of recent times has arrived at the Jarama and Henares salons of the Win & Leisure group, which has included Zitro’s new GLARE Family in the incredible gaming offer of its salons.

The state-of-the-art Altius Glare cabinet, together with its graphics, impressive lighting, and surround sound system, make it the new benchmark of the Jarama and Henares salons, along with the Wheel of Legends multi-game, which are taking the salon to unprecedented levels. In addition, Win & Leisure completes the offer of its salons with the introduction of the new Far West multi-game, which is also arousing great admiration among the salon’s audience.

“Zitro is a guarantee of success, and the new products it has presented are perfectly adapted to what we were looking for, game diversity and impeccable aesthetics and, as always, each new launch of the brand is welcomed by our customers with great enthusiasm” say those responsible for Win & Leisure.

“Win & Leisure Group is a very appreciated partner for Zitro, which knows how to recognize the value that our products bring to their salons. I would like to thank them for choosing the new GLARE family to expand their gaming offer, a great bet for the future”, says Carla Moncada, Zitro’s sales representative.