The long relationship between both companies promotes gambling in Latin America


Zitro and Tecnalis have been maintaining one of the longest and most fruitful collaborations in the gaming industry. Zitro, the renowned gaming provider, has been a member of Alira, Tecnalis’ online casino management, platform for years and together they have managed to grow significantly in the Spanish-speaking market, because when there is mutual trust, projects inevitably arise.

Zitro’s leadership in the land-based casinos has been a reality for many years. After years of consolidation, the European provider is focused on two objectives: the digitalization of its offer and its globalization strategy in which Latin America is of paramount importance, and where they hope to replicate the success achieved in the land-based market. Zitro has been adapting its famous video bingo and video slot games for the online world, so that all users can enjoy them from any device.

On the other hand, Tecnalis has integrated the entire catalog of Zitro games in Alira, thus ensuring that its offer reaches all users of its casinos. Already established in Spain, Tecnalis is focusing on America, where Zitro’s portfolio is very well received by operators and players alike.

The history of both companies goes back several years. Zitro was one of the first providers integrated into Alira and Tecnalis increased the provider’s presence in the leading casinos in Spain. The seamless collaboration between the technical teams of the companies allows the operators – and therefore, the players – to enjoy the best Zitro games in a safe, reliable and fast environment like the one guaranteed by the Alira platform.

It is a professional relationship in which mutual interests prevail over individual ones. Both companies know that together they will achieve their goals faster and that the collaboration generates great confidence in the industry. A confidence that they want all players in Latin America, and the world, to enjoy.

In regards to the relationship with Zitro, Alejandro Serrano Zaera, COO of Tecnalis has assured that “when you have a partner like Zitro, everything is simpler. The relationship with its team has always been spectacular and we are convinced that, now that we both agree on the importance of Latin America, we will be able to consolidate our position as the leading platform in that market with the best offer from a leading supplier. We have common interests in important markets such as Mexico, Spain, Brazil or Argentina, and we know that together we are in a position to offer the best possible product”.

Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro has stated that “the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for technological change and, with it, for digital commerce and gaming. At Zitro, we are investing more than ever in the development of our digital division, sensitive to the cultural change that was already taking place but that the pandemic has accelerated. This is why it is so important to work with online platforms and operators that have the same determination, commitment and objectives that we have. Among the first is, without a doubt, Tecnalis, with whom all the projects we have undertaken together have been counted as successes”.