Zitro has actively participated in the annual meeting with the Andalusian sector which takes place every year in Torremolinos, where it has shown the public its star product, Big Bang, a game that is very popular with players in Andalusia. It has new promotional systems and prizes that provide experiences never before seen and that undoubtedly increase the appeal of video bingo.

The other star product presented by Zitro in Torremolinos is its new Electronic Bingo Hall system, soon to be launched in Andalusia, along with the upcoming Dynamic Bingo for the Madrid region. Together they demonstrate that Zitro has put together a comprehensive selection of systems of this kind.

The large commercial team in Torremolinos has spoken very positively about Zitro’s performance. “It has been really satisfying to come to Torremolinos and find all our friends here, and to have had the opportunity to show the potential and appeal of our products – both games and systems – which are the result of our significant and increasing investment in research, development and innovation” said Zitro’s CEO, Sebastián Salat.

“Once again, Torremolinos has been a big success” said Zitro Vice-President, Manuela Jiménez. “We’ve shared some good moments with customers and authorities who have approached us to learn about how we propose to update the sector in Andalusia”.