The past trade show in Madrid has concluded with an overwhelming success of Zitro that has presented 20 new Video Bingo games, 14 Video Slot games, its BET Electronic Bingo systems and the new Zitro Interactive games for online casinos.

The star of the show has undoubtedly been Bryke and its multi-game Pick & Win, Zitro’s new video slot games offered for the first time in Spain. Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro, said that “we are happy and grateful for the positive response we have received from the operators of Gaming halls, Bingo halls and Spanish Casinos to our proposal of video slot games. The important list of orders that we have obtained confirms the great expectation and interest of our customers. However, the expectation generated by Bryke carries the responsibility, which we at Zitro gladly assume, to make this new product line a guarantee of profitability for the operators of Spain and the World.

To continue to lead the video bingo market Zitro has presented at the show 20 new games that will help the Spanish operator to renew the commercial offer of its venues. Attendees at the Show of Madrid have been able to learn about the Zitro Partnership Program, or ZPP, which includes advice and management of the Big Time promotional systems, which allows to schedule promotions on days and time slots suitable for the operator, thus adapting to the commercial needs of the venue, as well as the communication of Zitro products in the venues through its mobile application Busca Premios. Johnny Ortiz proudly stated after the show that “Zitro’s biggest display of video bingo products coincided with the launch of Bryke in Spain and the celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary. It has been 10 years of success in which Zitro has dominated the video bingo market thanks to the continuous focus on innovation, differentiation and excellence, but in particular, thanks to our passion for what we do. The passion for good work is what distinguishes the people who work at Zitro, and undoubtedly is the reason for our successes “.

At its stand, Zitro presented its BET product, which can already be adapted to the regulation of each Autonomous Community, as well as the various commercial requirements of the operator of bingo halls such as the physical blower, also present in the stand, or the virtual version. As Vicente Fernández, Commercial Director for Spain of Zitro said, “After several years of success with our Electronic Bingo, we are now introducing a new BET product that is much more comprehensive, flexible and adaptable to all possible markets. Zitro’s BET will be the most versatile, polyvalent and functional product on the market, providing infinite possibilities of configurations and prizes. But beyond the versatility of the product and its technical features, Zitro has been the first to put online offline convergence to the service of bingo operators through the mobile application Busca Premios, which allows players to know what prizes will be offered in the various venues as well as their physical location. “

Zitro’s product offering at show of Madrid has also put special emphasis on the online channel through the presence of Zitro Interactive, who has presented new games for online casinos, as well as a renewed game offer for their social casino World of Bingo.

Manuela Jiménez, Vice President of Zitro, said: “The results obtained at the Madrid show confirm what Johnny Ortiz has been saying: this is going to be the best year in Zitro’s history. We have celebrated ten years of success by presenting great products, and we have been able to do it with our customers and friends. It has been a very happy three days, which have made those of us who work in Zitro feel proud, excited and more willing than ever to continue to make a successful company, but above all, committed to the success of its customers”.