In just six years Zitro has gone from being the leading company in the video bingo segment to a global leader, with a diversified product portfolio that includes the most competitive video bingos and video slots in the Industry, and with a growing presence in multiple markets in several continents.

Johnny Ortiz, Founder of Zitro said: “The territorial diversification and the volume of commercial activity we are having requires us to delimit responsibilities in our management team. We must be able to provide each market with the level of attention to guarantee rational and sustained growth, and therefore ensure quality service to our customers worldwide.

With this goal in mind, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Sebastian Salat as International President. “From his new position, Sebastian will be able to focus on Zitro’s international expansion in the European, Latin American, Asian markets, and in the growing digital gaming market.”

With the strong leadership in Spain of Manuela Jimenez, Vice President of Zitro, Derik Mooberry, CEO of Zitro USA, leading the US and Canadian markets, and now Sebastian, leading the company’s expansion in the rest of the world, Zitro has unquestionably one of the most experienced and prestigious management teams in the Gaming Industry. This is the best guarantee that Zitro will continue, and even accelerate, the explosive growth it has been registering.