Dragon Lamp, the new way to play Video Bingo that Zitro has created in Spain, is causing a sensation in the Canary Islands where they have settled. As the company stated in its launch, Dragon Lamp would forever change Video Bingo, as its Commercial Director, Vicente Fernández, states, “Dragon Lamp’s success lies in that it includes a completely different way of winning progressives and it is no longer necessary to mark bingo to get the Jackpot”.

Canary players are delighted with Dragon Lamp that has given a radical change to the traditional Video Bingo game in their gaming halls and has managed to ignite the excitement of the players by this modality. As Pedro Freites, Zitro’s commercial delegate in the Canary Islands, says, “At Zitro we are always looking for new ways to attract and retain players and this shiny new system includes many elements to achieve this.  From the way you win the Jackpot, to the new features like “Wild Crush” and the new games, there are many irresistible new features that Dragon Lamp brings to the gaming halls and Canary customers are welcoming it with great enthusiasm.”

This amazing new Video Bingo system will soon be enjoyed by players from all over Spain, as Vicente Fernández says “we are working to bring Dragon Lamp to the rest of the communities and create a new allure as only Zitro knows how to do”.