Casino Caliente have installed the two new Zitro cabinets. “Thanks to operators like Caliente. We are grateful to them to have given us the opportunity to demonstrate the brilliance of our products, so we are eager to celebrate with them and our friends the success that will be the new cabinets and games in their rooms ”comments Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, Founder of Zitro.

ILLUSION and ALLURE are the new Zitro cabinets that standout for occupying less space in the room. While ILLUSION presents the world novelty ‘Bashiba Link’, ALLURE is loaded with two spectacular games ’88 Link Lucky Charms ’and ’88 Link Wild Duels’. As for its aesthetics, ILLUSION is a pure spectacle, with an impressive 43” full HD curved monitor, a 21.5” LCD topper and the ‘SmartDeck’ digital keypad. For its part, ALLURE is elegance and fun in equal parts with its three 27” Full HD screens and a multimedia system integrated in the upper screens that act as a sign of the next generation.