Casino Central, the emblematic gaming establishment that, together with the Grand Provincial Hotel, form the main icon of the city of Mar del Plata, already has two of Bryke’s most successful games; Zitro’ s Video Slots brand. Players of the acclaimed tourist destination on the Atlantic coast of Argentina can now enjoy three Link King banks and two Link Me banks.

Daniel Gaseprini, General Manager of Casino Central comments that: “Our Casino is a reference in the region, so we always put the quality of the products we offer to our customers above all else. Bryke Video Slots meets all of our demanding requirements, and also fascinates players. That is why we have opted for an important presence of Link King and Link Me in our casino.”

Alejandra Burato, Regional Director of Zitro for Latin America adds that, “Bryke’s outstanding presence at the Central Casino is a sign of the success our games are reaping. We are very excited to see how the big operators trust us and we continue working to take Bryke to all the casinos in the world.”