After the installation of Zitro’s GLARE Family in the Mega Fun Games salons in Mallorca, this important chain makes a very positive balance of Zitro’s presence in the venue. As stated by Paco Fernandez, director of the Group, “The multigame Wheel of Legends and Bashiba Egyptian, are showing a great performance in the gaming hall, the results we are seeing in recent weeks are very positive. Presented on the high-end Altius Glare and Allure Glare cabinets, Zitro’s new games are having a great reception among our customers”.

 The Mega Fun Games chain has made a great commitment to include Zitro’s latest novelties in its entertainment proposal, increasing the product offer in its salons, which already have a good Zitro presence.

Carla Moncada, Sales Representative of Zitro, said: “I want to thank Mega Fun Games for adding Wheel of Legends and Bashiba Egyptian, in our latest generation of GLARE cabinets, which together with the presence in their hall of other renowned Zitro products, such as Link King and Link Me, show the trust placed in our company. We hope to continue reaping joint successes very soon with this important Balearic Group”.