Just a few months after Zitro presented its amazing new range of products at Zitro Experience and having taken the entire industry by storm, the company has advanced what will be the most breathtaking edition of G2E Las Vegas for Zitro so far. At G2E, Zitro will showcase its capacity for innovation and differentiation by presenting unseen products which will confirm that 2017 is definitely going to go down as the best year in the company’s history. “At G2E we won’t just be showcasing to the global gaming industry the products that we already presented to our customers and friends who attended our Zitro Experience. We will be unveiling new products, such as our new Show Prize games which will mark a before and after in the way people play video bingo, amazing games specifically designed for the Fusion platform such as Western Express, or our Bryke LAP video slots under the brand Blazing Pearls,” stated Johnny Ortiz, President of Zitro. “G2E will be further proof of Zitro’s commitment to the rapid growth of our product range. Month on month we continue to launch new games, new concepts and new ideas, with our focus set on offering casino operators all over the world a series of successful products.”

While at Zitro Experience 2017, Zitro unveiled its new range of Show Time video bingo games, mainly conceived for being compatible with the Blackwave platform and with the amazing Fusion Slant 23/27 platform, now Zitro will be introducing its new Show Prize concept, a new way of playing bingo that combines a frequency of prizes that has never been seen in a bingo game, with vast simplicity for the player to understand the prizes that have been won. Show Prize is not a new library of video bingo games, but a true change in the form and manner of playing video bingo.

At G2E the company will launch Western Express to everyone’s surprise, and will also present its amazing games Kingo, Gran Tesoro, Wonderful Lamp, Spin Win & Fire I, II and III, which have been specifically designed for the Fusion Slant 23/27 platform. Far beyond its technical features, this platform offers players an incredible gaming experience thanks to its ultra-slim unit design, its HD screens, and its large console that provide the player with maximum comfort and vital space.

Zitro will also present to the world its new promotional systems Bobby Hour, Big Hour, Crazy Jerrypot, Super Botín and Mega Air Cash, and the new functionality Wild Crush, available for clients subscribing to the Zitro Partnership Program, alike the Club Vip Zitro, the loyalty system that providers operators with a powerful tool for attracting and retaining their audience. Club Vip Zitro does not require the players to register, the system recognises them automatically, and makes available to Club members a series of prizes such as My Grand & Minor, My Jerrypot, or the spectacular community game Spin Party, in which all players win prizes simultaneously. “A few months ago, we revolutionised the video bingo market with our Show Time games and our new platforms, enriching the ZPP promotions offer and launching Club Vip Zitro, the only loyalty system that allows players to have, among other things, progressive jackpots of their own,” commented Johnny Ortiz, President of Zitro. “We are now launching Show Prize, a new way of playing video bingo that goes far beyond mere innovation. This is a true paradigm shift in the way people played video bingo up until now”.

With regards to its Bryke video slots range, Zitro continues to expand its multi-game packs within its already extensive collection of Pick & Win games, as well as its new multi-game family Spin Hit with four progressive jackpots, all of which are available in the superb new Fusion Up Right 23/23 and Fusion Slant 27/27 cabinets. At G2E, Zitro will be presenting its LAP Blazing Pearls, which comes with three oriental-themed titles that include elements of great symbolic richness and excellent graphic representation. The games Dragon Princess, Dragon Warrior and Fu Charms share four progressive and shared jackpots, and a differentiated and unique gaming mechanics inspired by the legendary dragons found in the Chinese culture that struggle to reach the blazing pearl, symbol of well-being, prosperity and richness.

Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro, said that “as we announced at Zitro Experience, our range of Bryke video slots has now matured. Bryke is now an established video slot stand-alone product, and we are now adding to the Bryke range our LAP product under the name Blazing Pearls, a product of distinct personality and carefully thought-out mathematics, available in our eye-catching Fusion Up Right 23/23 and Fusion Slant 27/27 cabinets. At G2E it will become evident to all casino operators worldwide that Bryke is now a real option for those who want high performance video slots. After G2E, our staging at SAGSE Buenos Aires will confirm our commitment with South America, to then reach the ICE exhibition in London in 2018 where, with more products than ever before, we are sure to be in a position to compete with any other global supplier.”

Zitro continues celebrating its tenth anniversary, the best year in its history, with what will be a spectacular G2E, an important milestone for the path which Zitro has taken with the clear objective and determination to be among the most important players in the global gaming industry.