Zitro fulfills its promise to make 2017 the best year of its history, presenting its impressive range of new products in an event full of surprises and excitement. As Zitro President Johnny Ortiz has stated, “At the Zitro Experience 2017 event I presented Show Time, which is also the name of the new Zitro product range which includes incredible bingo video games, spectacular new cabinets, new promotional and loyalty systems, and fantastic video slot games that are destined to be indispensable for casino operators from all continents. At Zitro Experience 2017 we have welcomed our customers, friends and the market in general, to the great show of Zitro, and we have demonstrated to the world our commitment to make Zitro a leader in the global market. ”

Zitro’s vast collection of video bingo games includes diversity in math and game mechanics, as well as richness of graphics, animations and sounds that characterize Zitro products. Although the vast majority of the new games have been designed to be compatible with Zitro platforms already on the market, such as Blackwave, some of them, such as Wonderful Lamp and Spin Win & Fire, amongst others, are specific to the beautiful new cabinet Fusion Slant 23/27. The new Zitro platform features large Full HD floating monitors and controlled light halo, with a sophisticated sound system, and with the power and speed of Triton, the new Zitro processor, all to offer the player an unprecedented gaming experience. Fusion Slant 23/27 is presented in an ultra-slim cabinet design, with prevailing ergonomic aspects, seeking comfort and providing more space for the player, which can be seen in the width of the lower part of the machine and its generous button panel space.

Zitro has always distinguished itself by enriching the playing experience of video bingo with its promotional management systems and its community prizes. Last year the company went one step further and launched its Zitro Partnership Program, or ZPP, which has revolutionized the Casinos with its Big Hour, Crazy Jerrypot, Super Treasure Box and Mega Air Cash promotions. To these now joins Bobby Hour, which, like the rest of the ZPP promotions is fully configurable according to the commercial needs of the Casino, as well as the new functionality Wild Crush, which multiplies the efficiency of the already legendary “Zitro Ball”.

Johnny Ortiz, President of Zitro, said that “with ZPP we achieve that people to go to the casino thanks to the popularity and adaptability of our promotions. Now we present Club Vip Zitro, a loyalty system that will make players stay for a much longer period of time at the casinos, putting at the service of operators a powerful tool to attract and retain their audience”.

Club Vip Zitro does not require players to register, it operates with invisible ID cards, and makes available to Club members prizes such as Minor and Grand, or My Jerrypot, which is an exclusive jackpot to the player, or the spectacular community game Spin Party, in which all players win according to their level of membership of the Club. In the words of Johnny Ortiz, “Club Vip Zitro and its loyalty system based on invisible cards is the tangible evidence of the existence of the magic of Zitro.”

Zitro no longer is just the world leader in the video bingo market, but has consolidated as a company willing to compete and grow in the video slot market through its brand Bryke, the video slot product line with the soul of Zitro. At Zitro Experience 2017 the company introduced new sets of multigames from its already extensive series Pick & Win, whose first titles have already demonstrated their excellent performance in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Zitro also introduced its new fantastic multigame series Spin Hit, with four progressive jackpots. Each Spin Hit multigame offers three individual games with varied math, and superb graphics, animations and sounds that carry the quality imprint that distinguishes Zitro. Bryke video slots are offered in two spectacular new cabinets from the Fusion family: Fusion Up Right 23/23 and Fusion Slant 27/27. Both cabinets have been specifically designed for video slot games but share the aesthetic beauty, technical performance and comfort of the Fusion Slant 23/27 cabinet conceived especially for the bingo video game. Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro, said: “Today we reached the goal of showing the world our product line Bryke in the new Fusion cabinets, with new and more diverse contents. With Fusion, Bryke becomes full age. It is already an experienced product, with a remarkable depth of product range, with an impressive presentation, and with the guarantee of Zitro. Bryke confirmes itself as a real option for casino operators around the world looking for competitive video slots. ”

In the year of Zitro’s tenth anniversary, the new edition of Zitro Experience has become the most important and spectacular event in the Latin American gaming industry, and one of the most important in the world. To accompany the presentation of the impressive product range that Zitro has unveiled at its event, the company has organized a show and a fantastic celebration, which has shown how passion is the principal engine of Zitro’s growth. Zitro Experience 2017 has been a very important date in the history of Zitro, but also a night full of fun that will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time by all attendees.

Please click on this link to download images of the event and the Products: https://cloud.globalzitro.com/index.php/s/WBqau1tCkf3tin7