The important operations of the HCI firm have renewed their Casino floors incorporating an extensive upgrade of their fleet of gaming machines. Among the new products of the main brands recently installed in the operations of its three venues, Zitro has managed to increase its significant presence with its incomparable Video Bingo games, thanks to the arrival of its latest generation Fusion cabinet. In addition, Zitro brings to the Casinos its latest Video Slots Bryke products, already proven in the Argentine market due to its impressive performance. These include the outstanding multigame series Pick & Win, as well as the extraordinary bank of progressive machines Blazing Pearls LAP. With the new arrival of these Fusion units, Zitro is among the main providers of Casino Iguazú with a share of 22% of its gaming floor.

Zitro increases its presence at the Iguazú Casinos - News - Zitro Games

Alejandra Burato, Regional Director of Latin America says: “Zitro has had machines at HCI for a long time and now with the new Fusion products we have great expectations that their performance will help us to offer a more attractive proposal and providing more fun to the players, as we have been experiencing with the Video Bingo games as with the Bryke Video Slot games. We want to thank Casino Iguazú for the trust they have shown us in contracting this new supply of machines. For us, Casino Iguazú is a special, due to is exemplary operation and importance in the region. “