MEGASHARE, Zitro’s new progressive jackpot system, arrives at Foliatti Casinos in Mexico with a wide deployment of cabinets in addition to the more than 200 already installed; offering a new community gaming experience, through its most important and successful games now linked to each other, through which, if a player wins the MEGA prize, all MEGASHARE players win, generating an extraordinary atmosphere of euphoria and joy.

Among Zitro’s novelties, is also added Wheel of Legends, the company’s new multi-game progressive link with never-before-seen graphic quality, stunning visuals, and premium sound effects, among many other exclusive features. Presented on the stunning Altius Glare cabinet, Wheel of Legends offers a truly immersive player experience.

“The arrival of Zitro’s novelties in our casinos has been an absolute surprise.  With this distribution of prizes to all Zitro slots players, thanks to Megashare Lounge, and with the new and spectacular Altius Glare cabinet, our gaming halls are full of joy and excitement”, say Foliatti’s managers.

Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro, commented: “We are very proud that Foliatti has bet on Zitro to include the new Megashare Lounge in its casinos. If the revolution generated by the arrival of Zitro in any casino is already well known, we are confident the results will be amazing”.